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Sponzy v1.1 - Support Creators Content Script

Sponzy v1.1 - Support Creators Content Script

Sponzy – Support Creators Content Script is a platform where content creators, writers, designers, developers, photographers or any other branch can monetize their content by receiving subscriptions from their most loyal followers or just anyone who likes their work. They can create free and premium posts for their subscribers.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/sponzy-support-creators-content-script/28416726

4 344 02.10.20

  1. blazeman  21:25, 02 October

    Guys i have heard the real owners of the code is a company called "Chicaneinteractive" and the freelancer's under them are this https://codecanyon.net/user/worldcodes/portfolio

    If you are reading this and you have the full 2020 version of this from the source, please tell me so i can buy from you. The Miguel person, despite being emvato elite author, has been proven to be a fraud on this script, selling their 2015 code,,
    so i cant see live streaming, tipping and many other features in what the main source has according to the kashdasilva guy who has it --->>> https://ibb.co/gd2mNZC

    Admin i see in envato comments that this script doesnt, belong to this Miguel person and its old 2016 script of one company called WorldCodes hes selling repackaged on envato

    I spoke with the guy called kashdasilva in this screenshot

    Please get me the version of worldcodes so i can stand above my competitors when i use this script

    Can someone please hack them and get the latest superior version from the main source? Im really intrested in the script, but it seems we wont go far with developer because he is repackaging and selling someone's old 2015 script. WE NEED THE MAIN SOURCE for customization and superior features to this repackaged 5 year old code crying

    Look at the comment from the guy that knows crying https://ibb.co/gd2mNZC

    1. AssFuckerMikeAdriano  10:45, 12 October

      @Blazeman it's true. What I got from the brute force hack of worldcodes Account was not Onlyfans. It's a social radio app.they sell on envato.
      I think they don't sell the Onlyfans outside envato cos of us.

      I even see @GevRIP from South Africa trying to attack the source authors telling them they don't know business and all that, with hope that they would be forced to prove themselves and put it on envato for us to hack. But it ain't working at all for him from what I see

      Who is uduak from Nigeria? Nigerians are Fucking snitching on us There.. he's a problem!.

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