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iStream Videos v1.15 - Movie on Demand

iStream Videos v1.15 - Movie on Demand

iStream Videos is a Video CMS and Video Membership Platform With iStream Videos you can create your own video website and start your own video on demand portal like the big boys. You can add unlimited videos by hand by adding MP4 files to the system with the simple drag and drop FTP media manager, or just use the automatically movie import feature. This way your website will be filled each day with the latest movie releases and trailers.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/istream-videos-movie-on-demand/18515883

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  1. srrar  10:49, 14 August

    no sql file

    1. FabioJrSouza  09:47, 15 August

      Did you find link with sql file?

      1. srrar  09:55, 15 August

        All links have the same file

        1. FabioJrSouza  00:46, 16 August

          Yes :/
          Does it have any previous version nulled?

  2. FabioJrSouza  09:46, 15 August

    no sql file

  3. tellst1  01:38, 19 August

    no file database.sql

  4. klokkiis93  01:11, 03 October

    Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch_assoc() on a non-object in /storage/ssd4/597/3120597/public_html/system/get.class.php on line 17


  5. admink  04:20, 27 December

    Olá, eu tenho o script completo, com o arquivo SQL,
    quem quiser entrar em contato com meu email

    [email protected]

  6. romeokarthik  12:45, 27 December

    Hello, I have the complete script, with the SQL file,
    Thank You ....

    1. niglng  15:33, 13 March

      This is not correct, I have downloaded it and its same as all

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