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ModernShop - Full Mobile Woocommerce App for Woocommerce Store

ModernShop - Full Mobile Woocommerce App for Woocommerce Store

ModernShop is the Complete Mobile App Solution for Woocommerce Store . You can use Modernshop to connect to your woocommerce Store, then upload your app to Google Play, Apple Store, Windows Store… Maketing for your store from this app and get more customer, more money… from your woocommerce app.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/full-mobile-woocommerce-app-for-woocommerce-store-modernshop/20417299

27 774 03.10.17

  1. prakarkhar  19:39, 03 October

    Any one successfully used this script???

    1. abahnull  19:43, 04 October

      you just compile { exclude group: 'com.google.android.gms' }

      1. prakarkhar  07:21, 05 October

        How to exclude?? Please guide me asap

      2. prakarkhar  16:31, 06 October

        lease help @ABAHNULL

      3. mohsin  22:25, 06 October

        how exactly did you do that? detailed instructions will be helpful for all of us. :)

  2. prakarkhar  12:21, 05 October

    Running app-scripts build:

    [15:02:20] build dev started ...
    [15:02:20] clean started ...
    [15:02:20] clean finished in 4 ms
    [15:02:20] copy started ...
    [15:02:20] transpile started ...
    [15:02:29] typescript: ...tore-modernshop/Mobile App Source/Mobile App Source/src/pages/address/address.ts, line: 47
    Cannot find name 'LocationAccuracy'.

    L46: private Geolocation: Geolocation,
    L47: private LocationAccuracy: LocationAccuracy,
    L48: private platform: Platform

    [15:02:29] typescript: ...tore-modernshop/Mobile App Source/Mobile App Source/src/pages/address/address.ts, line: 223
    Supplied parameters do not match any signature of call target.

    L222: this.LocationAccuracy.request(this.LocationAccuracy.REQUEST_PRIORITY_HIGH_ACCUR
    ACY).then(() => {
    L223: this.Geolocation.getCurrentPosition().then(resp => {
    L224: let latlng;

    [15:02:29] typescript: ...-store-modernshop/Mobile App Source/Mobile App Source/src/pages/detail/detail.ts, line: 47
    Cannot find name 'PhotoViewer'.

    L46: private SocialSharing: SocialSharing,
    L47: private PhotoViewer: PhotoViewer,
    L48: private platform: Platform

    Error: Failed to transpile program

    1. mohsin  22:14, 06 October

      use this command to fix the current error.

      npm uninstall -–save @ionic-native/core
      npm install –-save @ionic-native/[email protected]

      ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-request-location-accuracy
      npm install --save @ionic-native/location-accuracy

      ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-geolocation
      npm install --save @ionic-native/geolocation

      ionic cordova plugin add com-sarriaroman-photoviewer
      npm install --save @ionic-native/photo-viewer

      after this rebuild again and then you will face multidex error, then follow this guide to fix multidex error.
      1. go to you project/platform/android/build.gradle and search for defaultConfig and this multiDexEnabled true. your code will look like this:
      defaultConfig {
      multiDexEnabled true
      2. now search for dependencies and add this code compile 'com.android.support:multidex:1.0.1' then your code will look like this.
      dependencies {
      compile 'com.android.support:multidex:1.0.1'

      now there's only one error which is :Execution failed for task ':transformClassesWithJarMergingForDebug'.
      > com.android.build.api.transform.TransformException: java.util.zip.ZipException: duplicate entry: com/google/android/gms/iid/zzc.class

      if you find this error solution please reply on this comment as this is the last error i think.

      1. prakarkhar  10:45, 07 October

        Some one above posted this :

        you just compile { exclude group: 'com.google.android.gms' } but how to achieve this

        1. mohsin  16:25, 07 October

          sorry brother, I don't know how to do that and the above person is not replying to his comment.

      2. RockyStark  19:16, 08 October

        That error is being caused by conflicting versions of the Play Services library being requested by different plugins.

        Quickest way to fix is to install cordova-android-play-services-gradle-release into your Cordova project which will force Gradle to align the versions:

        [[email protected] Mobile App Source]$cordova plugin add cordova-android-play-services-gradle-release

        1. prakarkhar  20:01, 08 October

          Worked like a charm

          BUt there is still some problem , when we click on any category in app , now the app becomes null with no data

          1. mohsin  23:12, 08 October

            same here and stripe payment gateway is not working otherwise everything is working fine.

            1. prakarkhar  07:21, 09 October

              Doesnt your app freez after clicking on categories?

  3. gogo207  12:12, 06 October

    i does all steps. but response from site to app is html not json. can any one help?

  4. hyjack  21:28, 07 October

    Please admin update this script to latest version because this version have many core errors :(

    1. mohsin  23:12, 07 October

      this is the latest version but as we all are using this free so we cannot get direct support from the developer.

  5. gogo207  00:39, 09 October

    its working for me. must hosting support json. it is good app thanks 4 u admin.

  6. hyjack  08:09, 09 October

    My app also got freezed after clicking on categories sad

  7. mohsin  15:49, 10 October

    yeah it does freeze.

    1. hyjack  15:51, 10 October

      Do you have any idea to make the app work properly without freezing??

    2. prakarkhar  19:52, 10 October

      There is new update from their side which works fine, how can we get that

    3. hyjack  05:32, 11 October

      This is the latest version. I think we have problem on our hosting.

      1. RockyStark  13:33, 11 October

        Is not latest version. I'm purchase codecanion latest version

        1. hyjack  13:36, 11 October

          Please send a new source code to [email protected]

          1. gogo207  13:44, 11 October

            can you sen your site. app work fine for me

        2. gogo207  13:46, 11 October

          can you send me latest version.
          [email protected]

        3. mohsin  16:20, 11 October

          according to the sales page, the app got updated on 19 September and posted on this website on 3rd October, so I think this is the latest version. If you think you have the latest version then don't forget to upload it on this website. http://www.codelist.cc/addnews.html

          1. RockyStark  16:49, 11 October

            I had to buy it because this version on the site is completely different from that on codecanyon

            if you download the demo app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.taydotech.modernshop) you will notice that it is completely different with what is being generated with this in the post

            1. mohsin  16:57, 11 October

              can you send me the updated version?

  8. mohsinhabib  22:43, 10 October

    Anyone can guide me how to use this script
    i can pay little bit

  9. gogo207  13:48, 11 October

    same hosting not support http header request. if not app not work.

  10. RockyStark  17:02, 11 October

    Coming soon new version upload am

    1. mohsin  17:21, 11 October

      thanks buddy winked

    2. mohsin  16:17, 13 October

      any update on the new version brother?

    3. prakarkhar  05:22, 18 October

      did u upload because its still not out, please share the download link

  11. Stanbuggy  00:13, 12 October

    How do i make this work.

  12. vdevladimir  01:29, 12 October

    I can do it work. But checkout fail. And neather show the category name's. I think that this version is 1.0.1 and the plugins are 1.0.4... Suspect.

    I think too that the server configuration is important. Ububtu 14.4 nginx php7.0 without ssl or https WordPress 4.8 woocommerce 3.2 .

    1. mohsin  17:57, 12 October

      what payment gateway did you use?
      I used stripe but that did not work recourse

      1. hyjack  17:59, 12 October

        You guyz talking about payment system but i am still unable to fix that freezing after clicking on categories problem. What a shame for me sad

        1. mohsin  16:12, 13 October

          I also face this issue when i click on category.

  13. vdevladimir  22:32, 14 October

    It works! WooCommerce 3.2.1 - nginx / 1.4.6 - PHP 7.0.24 - MySQL 5.5.57 (later I will test if it works with 5.6) - WooCommerce Stripe Gateway 3.2.3 ... something else? write me at whatsapp +573164959183 ... see you.

    1. seorahulchauhan  02:12, 29 November


      I downloaded this app code and tried to run it in phonegap. it gives me an error that is Cannot GET /. I tried to solve the issue but didn't go through so found that there are some file missing from www folder. Kindly provide the updated links if you have.

  14. gogo207  20:40, 19 October

    hi guys.
    can any one send us new update?

  15. RockyStark  18:09, 20 October

    Ready for new version?

    1. RockyStark  18:12, 20 October


      Admin please use this link for update post

      1. hyjack  20:39, 20 October

        Thanks brother. Now my all the problems have been solved....

      2. gogo207  18:56, 21 October

        Thanks brother

      3. mohsin  15:54, 24 October

        thanks :) working perfect ;)

        1. prakarkhar  13:38, 25 October

          my product page loading time is too long it keeps on loading with round loading icon. How to solve this

        2. khaled6x  21:58, 28 December

          hi there
          can you help me with modernshop app?

      4. sohel_rana  16:19, 18 November

        Please help me brother how build apk in modernshop app

      5. kpfromkalna  20:03, 24 November

        please help... order not complit

        please help ... oder not complit

      6. seorahulchauhan  02:11, 29 November

        Hi Rockystark,

        I downloaded this app code and tried to run it in phonegap. it gives me an error that is Cannot GET /. I tried to solve the issue but didn't go through so found that there are some file missing from www folder. Kindly provide the updated links if you have.

        If I am wrong then let me know the process to make this code working.

      7. seorahulchauhan  02:14, 29 November

        Hi RockyStark,

        I downloaded this app code and tried to run it in phonegap. it gives me an error that is Cannot GET /. I tried to solve the issue but didn't go through so found that there are some file missing from www folder. Kindly provide the updated links if you have.

        Kindly update me if there is another process to make this code work

  16. gogo207  13:20, 25 October

    haloo my brothers.
    anybody know how can translate order status?
    on my wordpress it is translated fine. but on modern app it is not work.

  17. rogger  21:26, 25 October

    wink wink wink wink wink wink wink wink wink wink cool

  18. webs  15:21, 28 October

    Where can I get "your-top-secrect-key"?
    Or is it random?

    Items are visible in the app, but it is not possible to complete the order after adding to the cart.
    What could be the problem?

    1. prakarkhar  22:09, 28 October

      COD not available in apps

    2. blackhaker  17:53, 21 November

      Yes, me too.

  19. KarmenSolis  23:17, 12 January

    Good day friends.

    Could someone run the app 100%?

    Achievement package and install on an Android device, I have no problems with the categories only when placing an order with a registered user. The order is not processed and the profile picture can not be changed.

    Some lucky that works well

    Regards ;)

  20. digirizon  14:55, 10 February

    the App pulled out of codecanyon , does anybody know why ? and where to get the latest version?

    please PM if you do :)

  21. adelmis  17:35, 03 March

    upload new modernshop wordpress plugins !

    not show variable product description !!! how fix ?!

  22. JIBIEEZ  11:01, 15 April

    i have the latest version . same item showing in playstore.

    1. wethenulled  11:41, 17 April

      please share with us or mail on [email protected] .if you need any help for installing i can help

  23. adelmis  19:25, 21 July

    please upload new version recourse

  24. krasto  20:36, 05 September

    Please can share the pdf documentation?
    This document is not available to download now (http://taydomobile.com/documentation/wooapp/WooApp-document_17-08-2017.pdf)

    Please send the document at this email address: [email protected]

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