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HRSALE v1.0.6 - The Ultimate HRM

HRSALE v1.0.6 - The Ultimate HRM

HRSALE provides you with a powerful and cost-effective HR platform to ensure you get the best from your employees and managers. HRSALE is a timely solution to upgrade and modernize your HR team to make it more efficient and consolidate your employee information into one intuitive HR system.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/hrsale-the-ultimate-hrm/21665619
12 327 01.08.18

  1. saml0107  10:19, 02 August

    I was waiting for this for quiet sometime. Thanks for upload. Works like charm.

    If anyone has issue with login use the following credentials to login

    Default Admin panel Login Details

    Username: fionagrace
    Password: fgrace$$##

    Default Employee panel Login Details

    Username: jhonsmith
    Password: jhonsmith$$##

    1. ygodesigner  21:32, 22 April

      Hello, please help me, I can not log in, I put the crendencias more says invalid crendecial

  2. bmcbaby12  18:07, 02 August

    i need mmb tours system please

  3. mhacker  20:02, 03 August

    Thank you for this uplaod.
    How can I donate to this site for great job done?

  4. rogtor  23:21, 18 August

    I can't get it work properly... Login page do not load correctly... after login it redirects me to http://localhost/hrsale_prepare/admin/auth/login

    Can anyone help me please?

    1. iranthavan  12:50, 19 August

      modify the config file

      1. mhacker  23:45, 30 August

        How do I modify the config file?

  5. mhacker  23:47, 30 August

    I can't login to this script, the loging page is dead, how di I fix it? I am testing it on localhost

    1. iranthavan  07:21, 01 September

      modify the config.php in application\config line 26
      $config['base_url'] = 'http://localhost/hr/'; // <<< change this url to your desired url.

      something which will fit ur install

  6. irvan.expert  11:49, 25 April

    I am very grateful to you for being able to provide this.
    Do you mind to update this to the latest version?
    (version 1.1.2)

    1. SomeRandomGuy  16:42, 20 June


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