» » Library Management System (LMS) v2.6.2

Library Management System (LMS) v2.6.2

Library Management System (LMS) v2.6.2

Library Management System is carefully developed for easy management of any type of library. It’s actually a virtual version of a real library. It?s a web based system where you can manage books of different categories, manage members of different types and manage issue/return of books easily.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/library-management-system-lms/14273959

17 394 12.02.18

  1. eusofali  14:56, 12 February

    DATABASE problem..........
    Plz, solve this

    1. alaafathey  16:57, 20 February

      There is No DATABASE problem , Just check ur DATABASE info if its correct.

  2. salmanrajz  19:03, 12 February

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  3. kaji27018  19:29, 12 February

    A Database Error Occurred

    Error Number: 1146

    Table 'lms.ci_sessions' doesn't exist

    INSERT INTO `ci_sessions` (`session_id`, `ip_address`, `user_agent`, `last_activity`, `user_data`) VALUES ('d8051ded41fa42e9f0f7e83125747d7b', '::1', 'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/63.0.3239.132 Safari/537.36', 1518455957, '')

    Filename: C:\xampp\htdocs\lms\system\database\DB_driver.php

    Line Number: 330

    A Database Error Occurred

    PROBLEM plz solve this
    A Database Error Occurred

    Problem database plz solve this

    1. chez888  10:44, 27 August

      use mysqli db driver .In this script they have used mysql which is deprecated
      You're using the deprecated 'mysql' dbdriver. Locate the config/database.php file and change dbdriver to use 'mysqli'

  4. kaji27018  02:28, 13 February

    Please help

    solve this

  5. QuintinK  11:31, 13 February

    This script is not nulled. Don't bother downloading

  6. inux2004  08:20, 14 February

    there is no problem with the database. but when it run, it still need purcase code.

  7. kaji27018  23:56, 15 February

    I need to know how I do to skip the software code of this program lms

  8. kaji27018  02:35, 16 February

    it still need purchase code.

    1. razor337  16:42, 18 February

      deleate important_feature function on controller than give it little trick :v

      1. mhsowrove  19:19, 30 April

        please the code...

  9. salmanrajz  09:36, 16 February

    Library Management System Available in Working Condition ;)
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  10. razor337  16:39, 18 February

    Its so easy to make it nulled wink understanding the flow, and block it off ehehehe

  11. alaafathey  16:56, 20 February

    There is no DATABASE Problem , just make sure u type ur DATABASE info correct.

  12. haider1423  02:42, 09 March

    this error shows can any one help me ?
    A Database Error Occurred

    Unable to select the specified database: lms

    Filename: C:\xampp\htdocs\lms\system\database\DB_driver.php

    Line Number: 140

  13. mhsowrove  18:22, 30 April

    Everything is fine.....but want toknow that is the default password for admin ??
    the encrypted code is : 259534db5d66c3effb7aa2dbbee67ab0
    can anyone has the admin password............Please share :) :) :)

    need dafault user/password for admin panel

  14. smartsegun  19:26, 04 May

    Nulled by me
    you can download it from the link below


    Note: you have to install the database manually, it's built on codeigniter.

    1. enigmaelectronica  21:07, 23 November

      thanks Sir

  15. azharfadil  08:23, 28 May

    purchase code, Plz??

    What a Purchase code?

    1. enigmaelectronica  18:58, 24 November


  16. Benselama  09:11, 05 February

    can you update last version 3.0 for LMS

  17. xpose  16:40, 16 July

    Dont download this script...

  18. chez888  11:47, 28 September


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