» » Tinsta v1.1 - A Photo Sharing Social Networking Platform

Tinsta v1.1 - A Photo Sharing Social Networking Platform

Tinsta v1.1 - A Photo Sharing Social Networking Platform

Tinsta is a web based photo sharing social networking platform, it allows you to share photos, videos with your followers like instagram.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/tinsta-a-photo-sharing-social-networking-platform/21070646
17 561 16.01.18

  1. salmanrajz  21:00, 16 January

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    1. bspsk1234  06:36, 17 January

      Looking for EKattor iOS app salman. Request you to share it to me

  2. pooda_punda  15:33, 18 January

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  3. Depunkt  11:10, 22 January

    not working message sending and so many bugs i can't fix sad this is old version belay

    1. rkalways  00:29, 25 January

      Yeah, messaging is not working plus user roles are not in proper.

      Did somebody get a fix?

  4. rkalways  00:30, 25 January

    Please admin upload full source code, the messaging is not working there.

    Also so many bugs are there. Please upload somebody if you got a fix then.


  5. rkalways  23:20, 25 January

    Atlast after many hours of inspections over its code I`ve come with a FIX for "Messaging" service.

    It was disabled from the sources. It was returning a false value when a user submits a message to another.
    Now it's working perfectly. You can check it on my website here at http://instalight.ml

    Simply replace the file "user.php" to the following path - "Yourwebsite.com/includes/models"

    Download from the below link.

    Quick Reminder - Don`t replace it in version 1.0.1, It works with latest version 1.1. Enjoy :)

    That`s the best I can share for now. :)

    1. flucivane  19:49, 14 February

      Very good your help. Fixed the error that was in the message sending. Congratulations.

  6. rkalways  11:19, 27 January

    There is a new update about to come next Sunday/Monday on codecanyon - about this script.
    Author of this script is planning to release it. It will be included Fix for messaging service - that I`ve last time fixed it by myself, Some theme, Admin bug fixed and more...

    Kindly, please upload that package here too.

  7. eslamelnagar  02:40, 21 February

    Last updated 1.2.1


    1. nojoud  12:18, 27 February

      i am register in this site
      just fro u

      hony , plz f u have tinsta updated 1.2.1

      i want it

      i will never forrget this help for u

      and i will help u inshaaalh

  8. Vavuzo  01:16, 24 October

    I don't find the download button.. xd

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