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Facebook Business Scraper & Page Analytics v2.2

By admin on May 17, 2017 Scripts 10 900
Facebook Business Scraper & Page Analytics v2.2

A powerful facebook scraper to get facebook data such as page data by keyword, page data by location, group data, event data and user data. You will get major data including email (you will only get email in page search by keyword & group search).

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/facebook-business-scraper-page-analytics/16608158

10 900 17.05.17

  1. bayklasikshop  19:17, 17 May

    code Register Software ?

  2. zapragartiast  22:58, 01 June

    Just try to edit the home.php file and make a bit change inside public function important_feature()

    1. saml0107  19:46, 23 August

      Bro can you be more precise what should be changed or may be put the code here, which can help everyone alot

      1. elgibbor  23:53, 04 September

        i am unable to register this please help me out here, or is this software fake?

    2. melodyc89  20:51, 29 November

      you mean this ?
      public function important_feature(){

      if(file_exists(APPPATH.'config/licence.txt') && file_exists(APPPATH.'core/licence.txt')){
      $config_existing_content = file_get_contents(APPPATH.'config/licence.txt');
      $config_decoded_content = json_decode($config_existing_content, true);

      $core_existing_content = file_get_contents(APPPATH.'core/licence.txt');
      $core_decoded_content = json_decode($core_existing_content, true);

      if($config_decoded_content['is_active'] != md5($config_decoded_content['purchase_code']) || $core_decoded_content['is_active'] != md5(md5($core_decoded_content['purchase_code']))){
      redirect("home/credential_check", 'Location');

      } else {
      redirect("home/credential_check", 'Location');


      where to direct credential_check?

  3. ninaks  20:21, 21 December

    Thank you so much man.

    For those that couldn't get passed the key registration; just remove anything related to "important feature", "credential check", "credential check action", "code activation check action", and "periodic check".

    Scan through all the files and remove those functions and you are good to go. wink

  4. yesyeahvh  08:59, 05 January

    Update please

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