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JobClass v1.5 - Geolocalized Job Board Script

JobClass v1.5 - Geolocalized Job Board Script

JobClass is a Job Board app, a powerful modulable app and has a fully responsive design. Built with Laravel and Bootstrap (HTML5 & CSS3). It is packed with lots of features.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/jobclass-geolocalized-job-portal-script/18776089

8813 10.01.17

  1. piñataStuffed  22:17, 11 January
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    Help All

    For use this script without purchase code, follow the steps:

    1 - Download two files and replace in the directories, or copy the content and paste in the files with your favorite IDE:
    InstallController.php - http://www10.zippyshare.com/v/ISvwssFY/file.html
    Directory: App/Http/Controllers/InstallController.php
    Lines affecteds: 1048 to 1057

    web.php - http://www10.zippyshare.com/v/pyeX7CVM/file.html
    Directory: Routes/web.php
    Lines affecteds: 120 to 141

    In Purchase Code, input anything text, ex. (qwertty... or 123456...).

    Enjoy, script nulled.

    1. tinguelybe  20:56, 22 January
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      Thank you for sharing PIÑATASTUFFED!

      I tried it but always get stuck at the database with error message "The database not empty field is required."

      Any help?

      1. piñataStuffed  06:26, 25 January
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        Hi tinguelybe!

        Two questions:
        1 - You're inserted the information for connect with db?
        2 - In purchase code, you're inserted anything text?

        1. tinguelybe  11:27, 26 January
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          Hello piñataStuffed

          1- yes i inserted the db information
          2- yes i inserted "qwerty"

          the problem seems to be my server not allowing to create cron job

    2. nicolin  01:31, 25 January
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      Hi, help me please
      FatalErrorException in InstallController.php line 339:
      Class 'mysqli' not found

      1. piñataStuffed  06:38, 25 January
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        Hi, NICOLIN!

        In requirements of install, they're marked with ok?

        The error, informs that class 'mysqli' of PHP not found/exists.

        Verify your php.ini configuration and your environment of dev Laravel

        Waiting for results fellow

        P.s: Sorry for my english (I'm learning...) :/

    3. ashishverma652  16:34, 19 May
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      Thanks For Sharing Valuable Steps...
      But i am facing


      SQL query:

      -- Dumping data for table `<<prefix>>subadmin1`

      /*!40000 ALTER TABLE `<<prefix>>subadmin1` DISABLE KEYS */
      MySQL said: Documentation

      #1146 - Table 'jobclass.<<prefix>>subadmin1' doesn't exist

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